Small Move, Big Change

“From page one, Small Move, Big Change is filled with wisdom, insight, and whip-smart ‘micro’ suggestions you can actually implement to change your life.  Caroline Arnold manages to be funny, down to earth, and hard-hitting all at the same time.  This is a must-read.”

- Amy Chua, Yale Law professor and author of Battle of the Tiger Mother and The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups

Do you constantly make resolutions, but rarely meet your goals? When trying to lose weight, save money, or get organized, do you begin with enthusiasm and determination only to see your progress stall and your willpower finally collapse? If so, you’re not alone—nearly 90 percent of personal improvement resolutions end in failure. Such yearly defeats may tempt you to take increasingly drastic actions to meet your goals, yet it’s the small but pivotal behavioral change––the microresolution––that is most likely to lead to true personal transformation.

Small Move, Big Change is Caroline L. Arnold’s guide to her successful Microresolution System, a complete set of rules, models, and examples to help you master the art of instant and sustainable self-improvement. By rethinking your resolutions and refocusing your willpower, you can learn how to nail your resolutions on the very first try. These compact and powerful commitments focus self-control on a precise and achievable behavioral target until it becomes as automatic as tying your shoes or locking the front door when you leave the house. And while the traditional New Year’s resolution promises rewards on a distant “someday,” a microresolution delivers immediately––today––and its benefits continue for a lifetime.

A wife, mother, and Wall Street innovator, Arnold uses her own successes and failures as case studies. Contrasting her career success withcaroline_arnold_warner_photo her personal resolution failures, Arnold recounts how by analyzing her own behavior she was able to engineer her resolutions to succeed every time, from losing weight to improving key relationships. She also presents fascinating research on willpower, habit, and the outsize impact a small behavioral change can have on weight, fitness, relationships, career, health, sleep, spending, neatness, organization, and punctuality.

Small Move, Big Change is filled with examples from those who have used the microresolution system to tame their email inboxes, create gym routines that work, improve their career prospects, or tackle household clutter.  This book is not simply a management treatise, diet book, or a lifestyle guide—it’s a universal, self-improvement toolkit that is guaranteed to work for almost any personal or professional goal.